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Student Grade

You chose: Preschool

Preschool is a building block to lifelong educational success. Our Kenowa Hills Early Childhood Center offers a variety of programs to prepare your child for kindergarten, with morning and afternoon sessions to fit your schedule. Your child can participate in a variety of district preschool programs including our Great Start Readiness Program, promoting development and learning, as well as early childhood special education programs.


You chose: Kindergarten/Young 5s

Both kindergarten and young 5s, known as K-Knights, are offered at all three Kenowa Hills elementary school buildings. For our youngest learners in kindergarten and K-Knights, we emphasize important skills and behaviors, and give our students the support to find success at their current level of learning. Students experience a creative and engaging child-centered environment and learn to work both independently and collaboratively.


You chose: Grades 1-5

Elementary school experiences at Kenowa Hills are a time of encouragement, belonging, mastering academic skills, and supporting students to move forward in their dreams. Kenowa Hills provides three amazing elementary schools to choose from, both to help you find a convenient location, and to choose the school that most aligns with what you’d like for your child.
  • Alpine Elementary
    At Kenowa Hills Alpine Elementary, 70% of classrooms have a co-teacher to help provide your child with one-on-one support and personalized learning. With a recent bond investment, Alpine Elementary has a brand new secure entrance, updated facilities, and new technology to enhance learning experiences. Free transportation is provided to and from Kenowa Hills Before and After School Care at all of our elementary school buildings.
  • Central Elementary
    Central Elementary is located off 3 Mile Road in the heart of our district. Central’s highly effective teaching staff provides personalized learning experiences for students at all levels of knowledge. Bond improvements have begun bringing brand new secure entrances, updated facilities, and more. Free transportation is provided to and from Kenowa Hills Before and After School Care at all of our elementary school buildings.
  • Zinser Elementary
    Zinser Elementary is located on the corner of Kinney and Leonard. Its small class sizes allow for personalized learning and one-on-one support from teachers. Throughout 2018-19, bond improvements will take place including a brand new secure entrance, building upgrades and expansion, and more. Free transportation is provided to and from Kenowa Hills Before and After School Care at all of our elementary school buildings.

1-5 Grade

You chose: Kenowa Hills Middle School

Located alongside Kenowa Hills High School on our secondary campus, Kenowa Hills Middle School offers innovative experiences through engaging instructional techniques and hands on experiences through offerings such as The Knights STEM Academy. Middle school students begin to master learning standards that are taught on an individual level and tailor-made to personal learning needs. Students develop real life skills such as leadership and teamwork, and discover interests and causes they’re passionate about and can carry into high school and beyond.

Middle School

You chose: Grades 9-12

Kenowa Hills High School (KHHS), located alongside Kenowa Hills Middle School on our secondary campus, prepares all students for a successful future in college and/or career. There’s no path undiscovered at KHHS. Students can participate in several unique programs aimed at helping your child personalize their learning to particular needs and interests. Students can participate in business partnerships, advanced placement classes, internships, comprehensive elective offerings, Middle College, The Knights STEM Academy, and other programs aimed at encouraging a life-long love of learning.

High School

You chose: Grades 9-12

Kenowa Hills Pathways High School is an alternative approach to the learning environment. The Pathways program has proven that a focus on demonstration of knowledge and proficiency is a better measure of outcomes than how many hours a student is in a building. Pathways allows students scheduling flexibility and focus on progress through the curriculum without the constraints of the traditional seat time requirements, in exchange for more accountability for demonstrated learning.


Academic Interests

You chose: Math

Throughout all of our buildings, mathematics is stressed as an essential skill for students whether they are preparing for higher education or a career. Those who excel in math can advance at their own pace and achieve even greater proficiency. Others who may struggle with math are encouraged and guided by expert instructors as they move forward. Extra help is available for students whose math skills may need bolstering. Students, whatever their level of proficiency, are encouraged to realize their potential.


You chose: Reading

Reading is the foundation for all learning. For both our youngest Knights and older students, the ability to read, understand what is read, and critically examine the message is vital for whatever path they follow after graduation. Students whose reading skills are not grade-appropriate are given special instruction and targeted strategies to overcome any difficulties.


You chose: Writing

The blank page can be daunting. But writing is a crucial skill no matter where a student’s path leads. Writing to be understood, to express an idea or an emotion, to persuade, to explain, to focus attention, or to excel in the classroom is an ability that cannot be emphasized enough. Our students are encouraged to develop writing skills and continue to grow in their writing dexterity throughout their years at Kenowa Hills.


You chose: Hands-on learning activities

Everyone learns differently. For many students, hands-on learning is the way to go. The experience of being able to learn by doing is crucial to student development. Our view of education goes beyond the lecture/listen methods of the past. Our students are active learners, and our staff, teaching methods, and curriculum reflect that.


You chose: Technology and computer related activities

Through what is known as 1:1 technology, all students at all levels have a tablet to use when at school; older students are allowed to take them home. With today’s technologically advanced and connected world, it is important that students are able to use computers effectively and understand how to use them responsibly. Computer technology plays a role in many of the classes taught at Kenowa Hills.


You chose: Science

Teaching and learning about science at Kenowa Hills focuses not only on content but also on process (the scientific method) in preparing students to understand the physical world in which they live. Included throughout all grade levels are life science, earth science, space science, physical science, and human science. Students are encouraged to develop their scientific skills through hands-on learning and state-of-the-art facilities.


You chose: Foreign languages

Kenowa Hills is one of the few school districts to provide a Spanish elective at the elementary level. Spanish begins for all students in Kindergarten and is offered continuall through 12th grade. French is offered in middle school and high school. An effort is made to help students understand not only the language but the cultures of the countries whose languages they are learning.


You chose: Fine Arts

The arts should be part of everyone’s education. At Kenowa Hills, students are encouraged to develop their own talents through art, music (both vocal and instrumental), and theatre. Even when students choose not to participate actively in the arts, they are taught an appreciation of them. Many courses at Kenowa Hills include a creative and artistic element, and students learn to value the inspired mind.

Fine Arts

You chose: World Events

As citizens of an ever-changing world, it is important to have an understanding of not only major events on the global stage but also the daily lives of those who don’t share our culture or language. World events are infused throughout the curriculum in grades K-12 as we help our students understand life on our planet today.


You chose: Applied Technology

Our students have the opportunity to explore the latest innovations in technology, including robotics, 3D printing, engineering, design, and manufacturing. Technology is ever-changing, and Kenowa Hills keeps its programs current and relevant.


You chose: STEM

At Kenowa Hills, we know the power of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education. In today’s technologically complex world, students skilled in these academic areas have a head start for college and/or career success. Students begin their STEM experience in kindergarten, having a STEM elective every week in elementary school. As Knights move to Kenowa Hills Middle School, they have the opportunity to be a part of the Knights STEM Academy, a 3,500-square foot specialized facility where students work with state-of-the-art technologies and experience hands-on learning. Both middle school and high school students at the Knights STEM Academy are encouraged to think creatively about real-world problems, working collaboratively alongside instructors, fellow students, and actual STEM professionals.


You chose: I'm Not Sure Yet

Kenowa Hills believes that every student is capable of success. We see our students as individuals, each with their own set of talents, skills, and challenges. Through our Personal Mastery program, students are taught to take ownership of their learning, and Kenowa Hills gives them options that meet their needs. Staff, faculty, and administration are all here for one reason—to make every student’s learning journey the best it can possibly be and to help them achieve the success they want and deserve.


Extracarricular Interests

You chose: Robotics

Robotics isn’t a technology for the future; it is here now. At Kenowa Hills, we guide students as they explore robotics. Sponsored by Feyen Zylstra, a national electrical and communication contractor, as well as other local businesses, our FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) robotics program not only introduces students to robotic technology, it allows them to develop their skills through hands-on projects, then go on to compete in competitions throughout the state. Learning to explore their interest and work with others in problem solving, gives students an understanding and appreciation of this flourishing technology.


You chose: Theatre, Acting, and Singing

Kenowa Hills invites students to live creatively through theatre. Whether your child is directing, stage managing, designing and building compelling sets, fabricating authentic costumes, detailing and managing effective lighting design, or taking center stage with their acting, singing, and dancing gifts, theatre can be an exciting opportunity to grow confidence and self-esteem. Working together to present a theatrical production to an appreciative audience gives students a sense of belonging, an understanding of teamwork, and the opportunity to use their unique skills.


You chose: Orchestra and Band

Music has been called the international language. With it, we are able to cross divides of culture, language, and ethnicity. Either working individually to enhance their skills, training under an instructor who values their time and talent, or working with others to create harmony, mood, symmetry, and beautiful performance, music offers both escape and discipline. Kenowa Hills invites your child to be part of the world-wide language of music, either by participating in orchestra, in marching band, or both. Life is enriched with music.


You chose: Athletics

With well over 30 varsity and sub-varsity sports, there’s something for everyone, from volleyball to tennis, to football to lacrosse, for both boys and girls at all levels. While Kenowa Hills boasts many championship teams, we consider sports a complement to our academic programs, and our athletic programs strive to not only create a winning spirt, but also to build cooperation, collaboration, teamwork, and a strong work ethic.


You chose: Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is a national organization which encourages student participation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Science-minded students learn these STEM subjects and go on to compete in local, regional, state, and national competitions. If your student is ready to move beyond the classroom and explore their passion, Science Olympiad can be the springboard that takes them to the next level.


You chose: Odyssey of the Mind

Kenowa Hills students participate in Odyssey of the Mind, an international organization which focuses on creative problem solving. Students see their ideas come to life by working together to solve real-world problems. Odyssey of the Mind offers competitions on local, regional, state, and national levels.


You chose: World Travel

Students can participate in global study trips where the country and culture become the classroom. This year’s trip will be in June of 2018, and the group will travel to Ireland, Wales, and London. Travelers will explore the countryside, the history, and the culture of our friends across the ocean.


You chose: Leadership

Kenowa Hills gives its students many opportunities not only for exercising their innate leadership skills, but also for developing them. We encourage students to take ownership of their learning, activities, and school community. This can occur in informal settings within classrooms and clubs, but can also occur when students take leadership opportunities through programs like student government and extracurricular clubs.


You chose: Speech/Debate

Students in the debate and forensics program will be introduced to educational debate, learning how to formulate arguments while improving their communication and research skills. Every year, our debate participants analyze the current national high school topic and are encouraged to take part in competitions. Our students consistently place high in competition.


You chose: Service Learning

Community is near and dear to all of us here at Kenowa Hills. Our students and teachers believe in learning through service and it is shown daily in the initiatives to make our local and global communities a better place. As students explore their coursework and participate in extracurricular activities, they gain an understanding of modern-day issues and begin to initiate activities that will make an impact on those issues. Our teachers and staff are always thrilled to support and empower students to lead community initiatives.


You chose: I’m not sure yet.

Whatever your student’s interest and inclination, Kenowa Hills offers excellence in academics. But we understand that extracurricular activities can also bring enormous value to a student’s education. They may want to explore an interest they have long held, or they may want to try something completely different. As students grow in the classroom, we encourage them to also grow through participating in their choice of our wide variety of extracurricular offerings.


Important to You

You chose: Leadership

Leadership skills are important not only for your child’s future beyond school and within their career, but to bring about change in their communities. That’s why our mission statement is to ensure that all students acquire the academic and practical skills, knowledge, and commitment to succeed in a global society. Leadership opportunities are provided both inside the classroom in collaboration settings, and more formal setting such as student council and other student-led initiatives.


You chose: Service to Others

Community is near and dear to all of us at Kenowa Hills, and we believe that it’s not just important to succeed academically, but to give that knowledge back to the community. We encourage our students to gain an understanding of modern-day issues and follow issues that are important to them. Student-led fundraisers have raised thousands of dollars for causes such as Syrian refugee aid and modern day slavery.


You chose: Achievement

Student achievement is a cornerstone at Kenowa Hills. Under teacher guidance, students take ownership of their learning and achievement, setting their own goals and tracking their progress toward content mastery.


You chose: Compassion

Compassion is an important part of everyday life at Kenowa. It’s what has led students to dive into a wide range of causes both local and around the world. Even in the classroom, Kenowa Hills works hard to ensure all students not only belong, but feel like they have a place in school, both with personalized attention and the hard work of our anti-bullying clubs to encourage compassion towards fellow students.


You chose: Friendships

Friendship is an incredibly important part of the school experience. Students meet some of their best friends in elementary, middle, and high school, and we work to foster the kind of environment that allows for that. We’re proud to be part of a close-knit community where many of our students both live and go to school, and can meet and form relationships with others not only in the classroom but through extracurricular activities, athletics and clubs.


You chose: Kindness

Kindness is a value every student learns, and at Kenowa Hills we think it’s important for our students to both embrace it and express it. As students work and collaborate with each other, they learn to respect each others’ opinions and personal viewpoints, and that kind of interaction is what leads more students to join groups like our anti-bullying club every year.


You chose: Meaningful Work

In traditional school settings it can be difficult for schoolwork to be meaningful to students. But at Kenowa Hills, our Personal Mastery Program works to help students find a path towards learning goals that motivate them to achieve and master projects. Hands on and engaging lessons incorporate real-life problems that make the learning not only meaningful, but fun and memorable as well.


You chose: Responsibility

Responsibility is key to any type of work, especially as it relates to life after high school graduation. Our Personal Mastery Program encourages ownership and responsibility by allowing students to monitor their learning pace, tracking their progress and choosing recommended learning techniques that they are most interested in.


You chose: Determination

Kenowa Hills supports students and encourages the pursuit of their dreams, no matter how difficult the road might become along the way. With personalized attention from teachers and understanding of individual students’ strengths and weaknesses, your child will be able to address their weaknesses and achieve their full potential with the support both teachers and peers.


Important to you when choosing a school for your child(ren)

You chose: Convenient Location

Getting to and from school should be convenient for you and your child. To best serve both our students and their families, Kenowa Hills offers a choice of three elementary school buildings spread throughout the district. We also provide a well-established transportation department to get your child to school and back home safely and on time.


You chose: Convenient Drop Off and Pick Up

Sometimes a regular pick up and drop off schedule might not work for you. To help with this, Kenowa Hills offers free transportation to and from our before or after-school care program. In case of the occasional half-day, we provide enrichment opportunities for your child, so you can keep to your schedule and they can enjoy their unique and fun learning opportunities.


You chose: Academic Rigor

The graduating class of 2017 received over $3.35 million in scholarships and 100 percent committed to a post high school plan. That is a testament to the persistence and guidance provided to each and every student to prepare them for a successful future. As part of our competency-based education approach, your child receives personalized attention from teachers and collaborates with classmates to master content and fully understand academic standards before moving on to more complex ones.


You chose: Safety and Security

These days, safety and security have become increasing concerns when it comes to school. Your child’s safety and feeling of belonging is a top priority. Every one of our six school buildings will have brand new secure entrances by 2019. Ongoing anti-bullying efforts have high participation among students with our Knights’ Lights Anti-Bullying club taking the helm in educating both students and staff on anti-bullying awareness.


You chose: Students are Prepared for College and/or Career

Every school experience should prepare students for success in college and/or career. In addition to personalized attention from teachers and fellow students that will ensure your child masters the concepts in class, Kenowa Hills provides many additional programs to prepare them for the future, including STEM beginning in elementary, and our Middle College program through Davenport University.